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Top 2019 Award Winners

Exemplary Affiliate:



Orlu Citizen of the Year:

Chief Green Iheka Emeka Chinedo Philanthropy Award:

Nze Atty Daniel Chigbu Jason


Orlu Service Award:

Chief Dr. Alamezie Ojiaku (ORADC)


Ikechukwu Onwuzurike Legacy Award Sponsors:

1. WIWD Foundation

2. Chief/Dr. & Lolo Ejike Unegbu

3. Prince & Princess Kenneth Odomene


Ikechukwu Onwuzurike Legacy Schorlaship Award 1st Prize Winner:

 Ugochukwu Egwuatu (ORADC)


Orlu New Generations   Award:    

Clinton Ehidom (OCUFE NY)


Presidential Service Award:

Deacon Charles Anumudu (OZAC)


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  Our programs

ANNUAL CONVENTION-The Orlu Regional Assembly holds its Annual Convention in June of every year to raise funds for projects/programs and for exchange of ideas as well as networking among members residing in USA and beyond..

 HOMELAND SUMMIT—The Orlu Regional Assembly holds its Annual Homeland Summit in Orlu on December 30th every year. The summit is a chance to review organization activities and exchange feedback between homebased and diaspora stakeholders.

 HEALTHCARE—ORAUSA solicits for donations of drugs from pharmaceutical companies and other corporations and participates in the federal surplus property program.

 MEDICAL MISSION PROGRAMS—ORAUSA carries out a medical mission to the Orlu region each year. The very positive response has necessitated the consideration of multiple missions each year.

 YOUTH PROGRAMS—The purpose of the youth program is to create awareness among the young people of the organization to ensure continuity.

 MICRO FINANCE—The Micro Finance program, championed by ORAUSA women, raises funds independently to enable indigent women in the homeland to be self-sustaining.

 DISASTER RELIEF—ORAUSA has made financial contributions including that for people displaced in the Louisiana area during hurricane Katrina and Haiti disaster.

 EDUCATION—ORA USA has raised funds to build, furnish and donate an Information Communication Technology Center for the Medical School at the University Teaching Hospital located in the Orlu. ORAUSA awards $1000 scholarships to deserving High School or college students from convention host affiliates and $500 each to at least 4 qualified visiting affiliates to each National Convention.

 AWARDS—Each year, ORA USA recognizes and gives awards to individuals for community services, student’s achievements, trail blazing achievements and philanthropy.

 GRANT WRITING--- The Grant Writing Committee is being reorganized to develop proposals to attract sponsorships for our programs.

 POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE--- ORAPAC has organized education and sensitization campaigns to inform Orlu citizenry about good governance and equipping them to hold elected leaders accountable for their actions in government.



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